Rak 3272S-Board RUI3 Arduino programming board


i am using a Rak 3272S-Board with latest firmware (RAK3172-E_latest.bin) from downloadpage.

I started the first steps with Arduino 1.8.9 and RAKwireless WisBlock Core modules.

I chose the WisDuo RAK3172 Evaluation Bord and use the LoRaWAN OTTA-example.

When i want to flasch the board with a FTDI-Board and Programmer: AVRISP mkll i got the message:

Device is not in boot mode
Detecting bausrate…
Detect baudratefail, can not get the baudrate

With STM32Cube-Programmer i can flash the RAK3272S-board.

So how can i programm the board?

Greetins E_T

Hi @Schulz ,

Is the AT commands of RUI3 working? AT, AT+VER=?, etc. shows good reply?

Also, this part is not relevant to RUI3 Programmer: AVRISP mkll. I think this should not show if you select the WisDuo RAK3172 Evaluation Board in your Arduino IDE.

Thank you for the quick response.

Is the AT commands of RUI3 working? AT , AT+VER=? , etc. shows good reply? NO!

No reply!

Greetings E_T

I am not sure what happened. If the baudrate is set at 11200, UART2-COM port ok and jumpers wires 100% solid but still got no replies, let’s proceed on uploading the HEX firmware file to get a fresh module working.

Please upload this firmware (.hex) using STCubeProgrammer then you can try again sending AT commands to UART2.

Now it is working with flashing the hex-file



[S] TRANSMISSION: block 175 (seq=176) sent
[S] TRANSMISSION: block 176 (seq=177) sent
[S] TRANSMISSION: EOT sent and awaiting ACK
[S] TRANSMISSION: Finished (ACK received)

Entering boot mode
Device is in boot mode
Upgrade Complete

Thank you for the support.

For my understanding, what is the difference between firmware.bin and firmware.hex?

I flashed both files with STM32cubeprogrammer!?



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Good to hear is it working now :+1:

The .bin only contains the application code. The .hex contains both bootloader + application code.

Based on your previous message, it looks like things got messy since you upload a .bin file using STM32CubeProgrammer. I don’t want to go deep on the processes you’ve been to so I just suggested to make the device fresh (as if new) by uploading the .hex.

Btw, how’s your experience with RUI3 so far? Any upside and downside?

I do my first steps, but i can say rapid implementation is possible.

The connection of the external sensors will still be exciting.