RAK 7204 LoRa environmental sensor no USB communication

Hi here, are you aware that there are problems with the usb connectivity of the RAK7204 on at least two of these devices?

I just received a new RAK7204 and can not configure it due to the fact that it is not possible to use the serial comms via usb and the RAK serial tool. I already had a chat with Rakwireless, but no solution yet.

Please see https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/forum/t/rak-7204-lora-environmental-sensor-no-usb-communication/29895

Please give advice of how to get it working or send me a working replacement device, thank you!

Btw., and Yes, I am able to serially communicate with another one of your devices (RAK7200), so no problem of me being plainly stupid :wink:

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Hi @leliep,

I’m sorry for late replay because of China Mid-Autumn Feastival. :slight_smile:

Yes, the new RAK7204 is different from the old RAK7204 in hardware. Now, you must use RAK7204 with a battery when you connect with it through USB.

BTW, if your another RAK7204 can be used without a battery, only through USB, please give me your email and we’ll exchange a new RAK7204 for you.

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Thanks, that was it. I can confirm that it works that way (battery connected).

Hi @leliep,

The battery of RAK7204 is non-rechargeable, so please can’t use your old RAK7204 through USB when the battery connect. It is the best way that we can exchange a new RAK7204 for you. Please give me your email.

Hi there, would you please mind sending me the replacement device you promised me in September? Thanks you!

BTW., is there any specification about the required battery for the RAK 7204? Mine is empty already.

Hi Fomi Tong,
I received my RAK7204 yesterday in a box with a small instruction manual which says: “Safety instructions: Always unplug the battery before connecting the USB cable”.
I followed this and didn’t have communication. After taking a deep breath I connected the battery AND USB and voila communication was working. Better to update the manuals which are shipped.
Kind regard Rudi

Hi @brosr Thank you for your feedback.
Yes, due to version change of the modules, there are some old instructions inside.