RAK 7204 unable to flash

Issue:unable to flash after reloading bootloader



Details:I attempted to downgrade the firmware from to from the website however the device wouldn’t come out of boot mode once the firmware was loaded it stated that no legal image was loaded, I downloaded the available boot loader V 3.0.2 and re-wrote the boot loader okay however I am now unable to flash the device any firmware, I open port, select firmware and click start however it never progresses, it just times out. I have tried with firmware - the device does show RUI Bootloader Version:3.0.2 when using the serial port tool and at+version is sent. are you able to assist.

Hi @WeatherSV,
Which tools are you using for burning the bootloader and firmwares?

found I was using the wrong one via another post that someone had put on the forum, all sorted now thanks.

Hi @WeatherSV
I start using a RAK7204 for my project, does this need a special type of USB cable or it uses regular micro USB cable, and is the USB cable included in the box, because i did not received this cable.

Hei @Mary ,

Just a regular Micro USB cable will do, the box does not contain one.
Please refrain from double posting, thank you.


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