So the output of this miner is supposed to be the equivalent of a 5W bulb.

Does anyone actually know how many kWh per day this device uses so I can work out an annual cost?



The Miner has a 12W peak power consumption, thus it should be around 300Wh per day (rounding it up just to stay safe). Now this is more than a bulb, however this is peak, worst case scenario, which would be rare nowadays, probably not even possible.
In truth the LoRa Concentrator is Idle most of the time in the network that we have nowadays, so it is more like half that as the Pi is still working quite busily.
So I would say 150Wh per day. That is about 55KWh roughly per year, however keep in mind that as the network grows and there is more activity this number will slowly creep toward that worst case where it is doubled at about 100KWh. Which is still incredibly little I believe :slight_smile: