RAK online compiler for you to compile your customized firmware based on RUI

Hello everyone,

RAK has prepared an online compiler for users who want to build their own IoT products based on RAK IoT modules, for example, RAK811, RAK4200, RAK4600, RAK8212-M, RAK5010, etc. If you are, for example, you want to connect an I2C sensor to RAK811 module to build an exciting IoT product which can gather sensor’s data and send them out through LoRa frequently, then you can use RAK IoT SDK named RUI to build a firmware for your exciting product easily. Actually, you only need to write an “Application” for your product by calling RUI APIs, you needn’t to be care of what is LoRa and what about RAK module, you just need to learn how to use RUI API.

This link is RUI APIs:

RAK online compiler will be helpful for you to compile a customized firmware after you have done some customized things based on RUI.
This document show you how to use RAK online compiler:

Also, we’ll supply all of products practice based on RUI and RAK IoT module, for example, RAK7204, RAK5205, RAK7205, etc. We’ll open source these products practice application on Github: https://github.com/RAKWireless/Products_practice_based_on_RUI
Just choose the correct core module repository.

Maybe you can share your good idea and exciting products practice with everyone too, if you can, you
are welcome to pull request them on the above Github repo surely.

Today, we’ve only supplied a customized ability based on RAK811/RAK4200/RAK4600/RAK8212-M/RAK5010+RUI, and we’ll supply more and more customized ability based on RAK IoT modules + RUI later.

If you have any question about RUI and customizing the firmware based on RAK module, please public the question here:

This topic is used to apply for an account for RAK online compiler if you need.
Please show me “your name” + “your email” + “your RAK IoT module/product picture”.

I’ll contact with you ASAP.

Hello, everyone!

Thank you for using RAK products.
RAK team has developed a simple web version RUI online compiler which is much easier to use than the commandline compiler:
You can create an account by yourself now. More details, please have a look at the document “How to use RUI online compiler”:


Hi @Fomi

Please i want to learn how to start to develop my own firmware please help me Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, [email protected], RAK5205 LoRa Tracker

Vinicius Soares [email protected] rak5205

Hi @juankgp,

I’ve just sent an email to you, please check it.
BTW, it can only support RAK811 core module now, and we’ll release a new product practice on Github recently:

The first product practice sample is RAK7204, the second one is RAK5205…
All of them will be open source, i mean their application products practice.:slight_smile:

Hi @viniaero,

I’ve just sent an email to you too, please check it.

I need a password for API development

lulb [email protected] RAK7258

Hey I would also like to apply for the Online compiler

Name: Jithin Isaac
Email: [email protected]
Module used: RAK811 & RAK811 Breakboard

Hi @jithins,

I’ve just sent an email to you, please check it.

Hi all,

We’re glad to get some feedback from you. If you have some suggestions when you use it, just feel free and tell me what’s your suggestion. Thank you!

Got it! Thanks Mr. Fomi…

[email protected] RAK5205

Hi @slyfoxneil,

I’ve just sent an email to you, please check it.

Thank you Fomi . I got it.

Hi I would like to apply for the online compiller
[email protected]
node: RAK5205
GW :RAK 7249

Urvil Suthar
[email protected]

Hi @Timme @urvil,

I’ve sent email to you, please check.

Hello Fomi,
I’m working on RAK5205 and I would like to apply for the Online compiler.
Is it ready for that node?
My mail : [email protected]


I’ve just sent an email to you, please check it.

By now, you can RAK online compiler to compile a customized firmware for your own product which is built based on RAK811 module. In the future, it’ll support more and more RAK IoT modules.
Surely, as you know, RAK5205 is a product which is built based on RAK811, so you can work on it using RAK online compiler and RUI APIs, and write a customized Application. But maybe you need to write some code for sensors too in Application.
Actually, we’re working on it from today on. We’ll develop some product practice samples based on RUI APIs and open the source code of them (some Applications) in our Github repository. The first product is RAK7204 which is built based on RAK811 module and add a temperature/humidity sensor, it will be completed in 3 days. The second product is RAK5205 which is built based on RAK811 module too, and add several sensors and GPS, it will be completed next week. The third product is… Surely, you can build your own product based on RAK811 module too according to our product practice sample.:smiley:

Hi @Fomi
Mojtaba Zare,
[email protected]
RAK811 & RAK813.