RAK online compiler for you to compile your customized firmware based on RUI

Hi @Fomi
Please send me an account for RAK online compiler.
Le Truong Thanh - [email protected] - RAK811

I’ve sent an email to you, please check.


We will upgrade the RUI Compile Server at UTC time 2019-10-31 01:00-06:00 and do not use it during this time.

Hello, @Fomi,

I would also like to apply for the Online compiler

Name: Ernestas
Email: [email protected]
Modules used: RAK811, RAK5205
Waiting for delivery:

Hi @Ernestas,

I’ve just sent to you in email.

Hi Foami
Can you please give me access to the online compiler?
email: [email protected]
Products: RAK8212 RAK5010

Hi @salah,

I’ve just sent an email to you, please check it.

Hi @all,

We’ve updated the RAK online compiler and RUI SDK today so that it can be used more and more easily and robust.
Now, you can download the latest “Application” source code from Github:

and compile them with RUI SDK on RAK online compiler according to our new document:

The latest RUI APIs have been updated here:

More information about RUI i will share in this topic continuously:

Please focus on it.

BTW, you can only use RAK online compiler through SSH now, and i know it is not easy. I’m sorry for that, but we’re building a beta web version compiler so that you can compile your own customized firmware on broswer.

In a word, RAK will do our best to supply better and better products and services for users/developers.
RAK sincerely hope that “RUI software platform” + “RAK IoT modules” can help you to create more and more amazing IoT products easily!
That’s what RAK want to do!

Hi Foami

May I please have access to the compiler thanks

Brian O’Neill

nziot.azure @ gmail.com

rak5205 rak7204 rak811 rak833

Dieter Radler
[email protected]
Want to build my own firmware.

Hi @Fomi,
Erlan Syzdykov
[email protected]
RAK 815

Hi @Fomi

I’d like to start using RUI
[email protected]
Using RAK5010.

Thanks !

Hi @cjs,

I’ve just sent an email to you, please check.

Hi Fomi,

I would like access to the RUI compiler please.
John Christini
[email protected]


Hi @John_NZ,

I’ve just sent an email to you, please check it.

Hi Fomi,
Received. Thank you very much!

Hi Fomi,

I have a RAK7205, which I think is basically the same at the RAK5205
I have used the online compiler to compile the standard example code from Git for the 5205.
When I try to upload the firmware, the STM32Vube programmer says that the program is too large.
Below is the log.

09:57:15 : File : stm_xx.bin
09:57:15 : Size : 131104 Bytes
09:57:15 : Address : 0x08000000
09:57:15 : Erasing memory corresponding to segment 0:
09:57:15 : Error: Operation exceeds memory limits
09:57:15 : Error: failed to erase memory

I have not changed any of the code. Any ideas?


According to the instructions, the bin file you wrote should use RAL LoRaButton Upgrade Tool v1.0.exe Tool to burn, stm32 is used to burn BootLoader.

Hi, yes thank you. That was the issue.
I reloaded the boot loader and then used the upgrade tool to upload the bin file and that has worked.

I am adding some code to read the ds18b20 temperature sensors via one wire and I have a few questions about the RUI API.

  1. What is the pin number that is referred to in the RUI_GPIO_ST structure? If I want to use PA8 for example, what would be the pin number I use?

  2. The 1-Wire protocol requires the direction of the pin to be changed. Do I need to call rui_gpio_uninit() before calling init again?
    For example, is the following code ok?
    RUI_GPIO_ST port;
    port.pin = 9; // Not sure on this number, see above
    port.dir = RUI_GPIO_PIN_DIR_OUTPUT;
    port.pull = RUI_GPIO_PIN_NOPULL;
    // Do I need to uninit before another call to init?
    // Set the output high
    uint8_t status = 1;
    rui_gpio_rw(RUI_IF_WRITE, &port, &status);
    // Set the port to input and read the status
    port.dir = RUI_GPIO_DIR_INPUT;
    rui_gpio_rw(RUI_IF_READ, &port, &status);
    // status will now be input status of port?

Is the above correct?

Thanks in advance