Rak p2p communication

I want to establish a local structure on a large land with rack modules. The communication of the devices with each other is sufficient for my project. As far as I can see, devices only make uplink and downlink in MX LoraWan Process code. I want to communicate two rack modules. What should I do?

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Do you use the RAK3172 with AT commands over UART or are you writing custom code?

If you are using the RAK3172 with AT commands, you can find guides in our Documentation Center:

Quickstart Guide, LoRa P2P is explained at the end.
AT Command Manual

Thank you Bernd
I’m not using it with AT commands. I’m writing a custom code with the Stm32 Cube Ide compiler. What I need to do is to communicate 2 modules with each other. Do you have an example made?

We are moving away from the STM example codes and will release soon our RUI3 API to write custom firmware for the RAK3172.

But I think in the STM32 examples file we used in RAK3172 Module Low Level Development Reference was a P2P example as well. (No promises, I never used it)

And I didn’t know, we published the short guide already: RAKwireless News