Rak V2 Firm Update


helium status date 05/25/2022

Update – The core team has flagged a new version for Hotspot Makers 2022.05.24.0. It is up to each hotspot manufacturer to wirelessly send the software update to their fleet. 25
May , 00:02 UTC

My Rak2 diagnosis:

Hotspot: mini-steel-osprey
Hotspot maker: CalChip Connect
Address: 115HeY6NtpmcpqdfEt6xm21KCoR6GTYgLD9zTqKEqXaBouBSjK6
Connected to Blockchain: yes
Dialable: yes
Height: 1,404,196
Last Challenge: 2022-06-19 04:40 PM
Firmware: 2022.04.19.0
App version: 4.1.0
Disk status: ok
Report Generated: 2022-06-19 07:45 PM
Device Info: sweet | android 31

As you can see, no update has been loaded onto my miner to date. I have 250mb internet. I have to climb to the day every 5 days and send a new diagnosis to helium for my withneses to go up. after 5 days my whitneses are dropping steadily.

when will there be an app or internet homepage where you can access the hotspot via 8nternet. such as. bob cat miner has an explorer based access to the hotspot. why not rak??


for both of my hotspot I observe exactly the same. Still on 2022.04.19.0 and the witnesses are going direction zero…

  • Abudant Sand Caribou
  • Best Opaque Mandrill

Both connected to a fibre optics internet provider.

When the update will be pushed?

Further, I would also vote for the requested web interface for the diagnostics! This would be extremely comfortable!

Thanks and best

Hey, @soeren @AyhanKocguen,

Take a look at points 1, 2, 3 this will dispel your concerns I believe