RAK10701-L Field Tester TP Init Failed

Hi guys!

Yesterday I received my RAK10701 Field Tester. After charging the battery for a while I turned on the device and the display is greeting me with its splash screen but additionally an error message “TP INIT FAILED”. Than it shuts itself down. I was able to flash a newer firmware via the Linux Snap version of your toolbox, but the outcome ist the same. So my question is what I could try to get it up and running?

Thank you in advance.

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Can you confirm if you upload a custom firmware and not the RAK4630 firmware? The guide explicitly shows how to upload the RAK10701 custom firmware. It should be this firmware.

@carlrowan Thanks for the fast reply. Yes I used the custom firmware feature of the toolbox to upload the firmware.

I will check with the possible causes of TP INIT fail since it is a generic error and not related to GPS, LoRa, etc. Btw, after the update of firmware you can still open the device but on boot-up it still shows TP INIT FAILED right?

Yes after I upgraded the firmware I have the same behavior as before. Thank you for the check.

TP INIT failure points to a problem with the touch screen. Maybe you can check the flex cables from the display to the WisBlock module inside. It might be there is a connection problem.

Be careful when opening the device, everything is very tight inside.
Then check the cable connection I marked here:

Be careful when closing the device again. Push the two flex cables down at the wall and make sure they are not squeezed by the lid.

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@beegee Thanks for the detailed information. I disassembled the tester and checked all U.FL and flat flex cables twice. All seem to be connected probably and with no damage. I also removed all modules from their sockets an re assembled everything back together. Sadly the same error on the display.

@carlrowan @beegee I have again checked all connections an reassembled the whole tester. Interestingly when I disconnect the touch screen connector an power on the device I get a “GPS INIT FAIL”. Any more ideas what I could try?


No more ideas how to fix it. Looks like either the FPC is damaged or the touch screen itself.

Please contact [email protected] and request a replacement.

OK, nevertheless thank you for your help. I will contact your support an ask for a replacement unit.

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