hi! i wanted to know if the RAK 19001 has analog input pins? i want to connect an analog sensor! thank you!

Hi @Aurithemas ,

The analog pins depends on the WisBlock Core you use. Of course, A0 and A1 are analog by default then there are other pins useable as analog input like on this post.

You have to check the variants.h file to see the analog pins possible.

In my PC, it is located here C:\Users\Carl\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\rakwireless\hardware\nrf52\1.3.3\variants\WisCore_RAK4631_Board

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im using the rak19001 i think the wiscore is of the rak11200 could you help me with that? thank you so much! ill look it up like you said on the mean time.

this is what i could get, could you indicate me what could be an analog input? or if the ones you mentioned on the post bedore could help?
im refering to this ones

thank you!

Thank you so much!

@carlrowan on the datasheet of the rak11200 i found this

but nor the esp32 pins nor the wisblock pins match the declarations :confused: thank you!

Hi @Aurithemas ,

You are looking at the right files so you are in the right direction. Let me share more info so it will be more clear. These what those definition means.

As you see, they correspond ok.

As for the pins that you can use as Analog input for ESP32.

You can check this illustration:

Those highlighted in red can be used as analog input.

thank you! so the pin numbers for esp32 should be remaped like for example WB_AO should be 4 acording to the image below cuz thats the pin number for the ESP32 right? OR shoul i use pin name for example GPIO36 should be 36 on the definition? thank you!

NEVERMIND! i reply myself hhaha thank you so much! you are always helping a lot!

Yes you can use the GPIO name or the macro definition.

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