Rak1906 negative temperature

Hello to all ,

I’m using a Rak wisblock in this configuration :
Rak5005 , rak4631 , rak1906 , rak1910 , rak1904 , rak5860

i have done a program, that send data to The things Industrial ( TTS ) that have a webhook that send the data to Ubidots ad Iot platform .

The connection is been taken from ubidot tutorial for the connection with wisblock . ( Connect RAK Wireless' WisBlock to The Things Stack and Ubidots | Ubidots Help Center )

The problem is that when the temperature arrive to 0.06 °C i don’t see any other data , it seem to show only postive value , there is some trick to use for see the negative temperatures ?

Hi @projectsbminfo ,

Is the negative value on the device side? I mean on the serial monitor, you do not see negative readings? Or already on the Ubidots dashboard already?

As you know, you have the WisBlock code, decoder in TTS and the UbiFunctions. The issue on negative values can happen from any on those three components.

i have to check the single components, surely ubidots don’t show the negative numbers, now i put the sensor in the fridge and i control . i’ll update as soon i have info. thank you

Got it. Check first the serial output if you’ll get negative readings.

If you did, then you can proceed checking TTS and Ubidots.

If there are no negative readings, then the issue is still within WisBlock code.

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The ubidots example is using the ClosedCube library, which we abandoned in our own examples, because it gives wrong values for negative temperatures.
==> Under zero on wisblock with bme680

Please switch to Adafruit BME680 library as we do in our own example code

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