RAK2013 and RAK2245. Difference with RAK7243C?


we currently have a RAK7243 (LoRa 868, no cellular) to which I have added the RAK2013.
So we have a Pi3B+, then a RAK2013, then a RAK2245.

When removing the RAK2245, I can connect to the internet over cellular.
When adding the RAK2245 back, communication with the RAK2013 seems lost.
I have read in previous threads that this is not supported.
However your own documentation ( https://downloads.rakwireless.com/Cellular/RAK2013-NB-IoT-Pi-HAT/Hardware-Specification/RAK2013_User_Manual_V1.1.pdf ) states that:
“The RAK2013 can connect to RAK2245 Pi Hat board directly, which is RAK’s LoRa concentrator module following Raspberry Pi 3B+ edition.
It is easy to make a LoRaWAN gateway by plugging them to a Raspberry Pi board, it can transmit LoRa data to cloud server by cellular network.”

Can you please clarify? And how can I make this working?

Furthermore when looking at the RAK7243C (cellular version) https://www.iotnes.com/en_US/shop/product/rak7243c-rak7243c-eu868-lora-pilot-gateway-55?category=1
I see that the setup is identical, yes?

Please advise.

Thanks a lot

Hi @janm Yes, RAK2245 in the Cellular Gateways uses i2c for the GPS data, and RAK2013 uses the UART. This is why you cannot use it this way. You can modify RAk2245 easily to change the route of the GPS to the i2c and to free up the UART path for RAK2013.

You need to remove R153 and R154 from RAK2245 concentrator HAT.

And yes, there is an error in the documentation due to different hardware variants in the past.

I sincerely apologies for this.
If you do not want to make this modification, please contact me at DM so we can arrange exchange.