Rak2013 no blue led

Issue:RAK2013 No blue LED

Setup: RAK Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB Kit with LTE CAT 4 (4G LTE)


Hey folks,
ï’m having trouble with the rpi4+ rak2013 HAT kit. I can’t seem to able to get the rak2013 to power on. The rpi4 starts fine, but the rak2013 just has a green solid led. Both the red and blue LEDs remain off. The rak2013 doesn’t seem to start (no blue led) even after pressing the powerkey or pulling GPIO18 down.
I can’t seem to find much documentation on the rak2013+rpi4 So if you could link me to some or provide help/info itwould be greatly appreciated.
If you require more information let me know and l’ do my best. Pretty new to the RAK products
Thank you!

Turns out i was using the wrong OS for the RPI.