RAK2013 red ligth blinking

I have me red ligth blinking and not connection to the 3G network, what could be the issue ?
note : blue and green ligth are “on”

Hi @donald28,

Can I have a bit more information. What are you using to drive the module, what is the firmware you are using, antennas, what about configuration, etc.


hello, it work now it seems that the issue is due to the antenna. I have one another question . my sim card is limited to 3Go if I use 3G and 50Go if I use LTE or 4G.
It seems that the shield use only 3G network I have EG95. It is possible to connect to the network only in 4G ? or charge the priority i.e 4G first and 3G after ?

Hi @donald28,

The EG95, jas LTE cat 4 support. You should be able to use LTE, as long as the signal strength is sufficient. What are you basing your assumption on, that the modem works in 3G. It should by default use the highest bandwidth possible-LTE in this case.