RAK2013 & RPi Very Slow Connection / is LTE enabled?

Hi All,

New here and very new to Pi also. I have a RPi 3+ and just purchased the RAK2013 with BG96. I am in Australia and attempting to use this device on the Telstra 4G network. I have read through various posts of similar issues I have however I am yet to see a resolution for slow connection speed.

I have a fresh install of Raspian on my Pi and have gone straight into loading the files through GIT for RAK2013. I have the Blue & Green LED’s on solid and the Red flashes at random times. I can go into Minicom and can enter AT+COPS=? which returns a result however it takes about 60 seconds to do so (not sure if this time is normal?). If I try to type another AT command Minicom seems to freeze/lock-up and I have to exit and re-enter. When I plug the USB cable into the Pi and the Micro USB into the Hat I manage to get a connection icon on the Pi however most times it appears to be so slow that I get notification that there is no internet, today the internet connection was there and I ran a speed test and got 0.1Mbps upload and download. This is with a 4G network using APN telstra.internet.

Although we don’t have GPRS active here in Australia anymore it does seem to me that this is what my connection speed is like or ever worse that dial-up. I have tried to change the speed from 115200 to 921600 however this made little change. Some of the other forum threads say to run a command “sudo gateway-config” however this will not work for me returning a result “command not found” which makes me wonder if I am missing something major here to actually enable the LTE module.

I’ve bumbled around for a fair bit now so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. TIA