RAK2245 Pi HAT with an independant server

I’m pretty new to LoRa
I’ve received a RAK2245 Pi HAT and aRAK7204 LoRa Environmental Sensor.
I’m trying to do some tests by using an independant server ( i can’t use could services ).
I’ve configured the gateway the same way that the tutorial, i configured the ip server adress, and i installed the chirpstack network & app server but i can’t ping my gateway ( in the gateway section it’s stated “never” )
i don’t know if it’s a mistake in the Chirpstack Server configuration ? because i didn’t find the Server Image so i had to configure it myself.
Any ideas ?

Thank you !

Screenshot from 2020-01-26 18-23-05

Adlane, you’ve started where I did – my first installation was Chirpstack on a Pi-3B+ Buster system. I couldn’t get it to work. In retrospect, that’s probably because I couldn’t get my device (a Sparkfun SAMD21 Pro RF) to send packets because of a misconfiguration.

So I did the server install from the RAK site I sent in my earlier reply. Now that I have that working, I’ll go back to see if I can get the Chirpstack/Buster install working. If I do, I’ll post a followup reply. My real goal was to get a local network server working rather than a gateway to TTN, but when I couldn’t get that working, I went to the standard image (and got it working with the help of a friend who had already gotten his running).

Thanks for your reply and it’s the same case for me too, i want to use a local server rather than TTN, i’ll see what i can do

Is your screenshot the information of the gateway or the node?

You can get the gateway firmware here https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/RAK2245-Pi-HAT/Firmware/Raspberry-Pi-4/RAK2245%26RAK831_based_on_Raspbian_V4.1.0_20191202.zip

This firmware has inherited chirpstack. You only need to log in to the gateway through ssh and use the command "sudo gateway-config" to modify the frequency of the gateway.

Thanks for your reply, it’s the information of the gateway, i didn’t try with the Sensor yet,
i flashed the gateway firmware from the same link and i configured it like they said but my problem is with the independant server, with the configuration of the Chirpstack App & Network server i guess, because i managed to get to my Raspberry via SSH, with LAN and WiFi but i can’t ping the gateway like it’s shown in the screenshot, " last seen : never "
i configured the ip adress of the packet forwarder to send data to the ip adress of the PC .

Do you mean your chirpstack server is on a pc?

Hi. What image you use for setting up the RAK2245 Gateway?

Yes, it’s on a PC, i installed the Chirpstack App & Network server on a PC. the screenshot was taken from my pc.

Hi @velev Thanks for your reply, i followed a tutorial on youtube, using the chirpstack Network and application Server.
I didn’t find the image of the server OS in the RAKWireless link.

Can you ping your pc on the Raspberry Pi?

Ok. In general you have to use this image for the Pi+RAK2245 https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/RAK2245-Pi-HAT/Firmware/RAK2245%26RAK831_based_on_Raspbian_OS_for_RPI3_V4.1.0_20191202.zip
And use this manual to set it up correctly https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/RAK2245-Pi-HAT/Application-Notes/Get_Start_with_RAK2245%26RAK831_RPi_LoRa_Gateway.pdf

After this, on your PC (in the same network as the RAK2245 Gateway) running Ubuntu, you can install ChirpStack server from here https://github.com/RAKWireless/ChirpStack_on_Ubuntu
It is automated script that will set up everything.

Next, in gateway-config menu on RAK2245 Gateway you should choose Server is ChirpStack and give the IP of your Ubuntu+ChirpStack PC. Then register your Gateway in ChirpStack and everything should run smooth :smiley:

Thank you for your reply, i’m not home now, i’ll try it the evening or tomorrow and i’ll keep you updated.
i can use a virtual machine ? because i already configured a chipstack server and i’m afraid that i can cause some problems.
and for the network, in the 1st time i maanged to connect to the Gateway via WiFi and now i’m using a switch and i managed to acces to the raspberry with the ( LAN )

It is not impossible to use VM , but you have to be sure to configure the firewall and dependency correct so the traffic will be correctly forwarded between main OS and VM.

If chirpstack is installed in a virtual machine, make sure that the Raspberry Pi can ping the virtual machine, maybe the virtual machine should be set up as a bridge network.

Ah yes, i got this problem yesterday, i think that i’ll uninstall the previous chirpstack server and install this one ?

Why not :smiley: RAK script is automated and will set up everything. So , give a try and come back to share.

Okay, i’ll keep you updated, if it works, you’re be life savers :smiley:

thanks again for your answers

Hello, i just installed the LoRa Server OS on pc before i get home, i finished the installation but i can’t acces to it with
i’ll try this afternoon with the RAK2245 but i don’t think that it’s the problem ?
i should acces to the application server anytime ?
and i have errors when i see the status of the app & netowrk server

is it normal ?
Sorry if i’m asking too much question, i’m really new in this field

Strange. Is this a Ubuntu distro? If you want ChirpStack on Pi use the image for RAK2245 + ChirpStack. I will check this.

it’s a Ubuntu distro yes, i installed a Chirpstack Server before i use the one you sent me and i didn’t get an error but i couldn’t see my gateway but with this one, i couldn’t acces to the api. i’m trying to install it on a new virtual machine a see if i’ll have the same result.
i didn’t understand the Chirpstack on Pi ?