RAK2245 raspberry image with server

(Mike Rashed) #1

I suppose this image “RAK2245&RAK831_based_on_Raspbian_OS_V2.3R_20190404.img.zip”
needs a server to connect to TTN or Loraserver.
Is there any image with a a full LoRa Server and LoRa App Server?
or should I work with the Loraserver.io image " lora-gateway-os-full"
and with loraserver.io image it is compatible with RAK831 is it also compatible with RAK2245?

(Vladislav Yordanov) #2

This is in-fact not true. You do not need a server to connect to TTN. TTN is the server. You can use the Raspbian_OS image and you should not have any problems connecting to TTN if you configure the packet forwarder properly.
The same goes for LoRaServer, however you need to host it somewhere as it is not a cloud service. Thus you need to provide the hardware where LoRaServer is going to live and connect your packet forwarder to it (not exactly so, but an oversimplification).
You could simply install LoRaServer on the Raspbian image, that is the Gateway.
You simply need to know what kind of setup you require in order to know how to proceed.

(Mike Rashed) #3

Hi @Hobo
Already know that , and i already connected to TTN
maybe my phrase “needs a server to connect to TTN or Loraserver.” should have been “needs a server like TTN or Loraserver.” :wink:
Just want to know if RAKwireless is intending to release an image similar to loraserver.io image “lora-gateway-os-full” including everything server, packet-forwarder LoRa Gateway Bridge. Server APP…
Tried to install loraservers,io image “lora-gateway-os-full” but having some trouble, that’s why I’m asking is that image straight forward compatible with RAK2245 cause in loraserver,io documentation they state that it’s compatible with RAK831 .
And do you have a link or document to add LoRa server and maybe LoRa APP server on the image provided by RAKwireless

(Fomi Tong) #4

Hi, @indusconn

In fact, we’ve prepared a full image which is a Ubuntu OS and has a pre-installed loraserver including everything server. You can download it from our website:
and install it into a PC or a virtual machine like VMware.

(Mike Rashed) #5

Hi @Fomi,
already saw that and installed it but what I’m speaking of is a full OS image for Raspberry.

(Fomi Tong) #6

Hi, @indusconn

We’re developing a full OS including packet-forwarder, LoRa Network Server, Application Server… for Raspberry. My colleague @velev is working hard to get it now. Maybe we can get a beta version for testing tomorrow.

(Mike Rashed) #9

Great @Fomi,
Hope to have it soon to test it :+1:
One more thing have you tested loraserver.io’s “lora-gateway-os-full” image with RAK2245?

(Fomi Tong) #10

Hi, @indusconn

Sorry, we haven’t tested this image with RAK2245. But Brocaar, who is the author of loraserver.io, has tested with RAK831. We’ve sent him a RAK2245 for testing, and he tell me it works fine. But i don’t know if it is this image. You can try, and if it don’t work, please reduce the SPI rate to 1Mbps and try again.

(Mike Rashed) #11

ok @Fomi Will Test it
Thanks a lot