RAK free cloud LoRaServer for testing!

Hello, everyone!

RAK has deployed 4 LoRaServer on cloud server to support our customers to test their RAK LoRa gateway or RAK LoRa node. Each of RAK cloud LoRaServer can only support one frequency, and there are EU868, US915, AS923, and CN470 which have been supported now.

Frequency IP Address

You can use one of them for free if you want to test your RAK LoRa product.

If you wan to use, you can get the public username and password by posting your application in this topic.
The application format is this:
“your name” + “your email” + “the frequency you want to use” + “how long you want to hold this account” + “your RAK LoRa product picture”.

We will send the username and password to you through email, so the email you supply must be true.

How to use RAK cloud LoRaServer for testing? Please have a look at the document:


I’d like to use the cloud LoRaServer,
application : [email protected]+EU868+3months


Hi, @kiwi

I have just sent a username and password to your email, please check it.
EU868, 3 month.

thank you

A good Initiative :slight_smile:

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good! Is there any documentation how to set gateway PI/2245 based to connect to this cloud? I have already went through provided documents and haven’t found any clue … locally on gateway loraserver works like charm :slight_smile: , but how to correctly connect to the cloud and how to resolve issues if something goes wrong?


Hi, @Oskariot

You can have a look at my document for RAK2245 Pi HAT:

In this document, section 8.2 is about “An independent LoRaServer”. The cloud LoRaServer is surely an independent LoRaServer too. :slight_smile:

Hi @Fomi

thank you for quick answer (as usual :wink::+1:). I have already red this document and mentioned section 8.2. I’m asking not for setting independent loraserver, there is a lot of description in your documentation, but what is not clear for me to what to set on gateway side PI/2245 to connect to independent loraserver (yours, mine or whoever else). Maybe I’m missing something but so far it is not clear:

  1. can I use originally installed GW SW on PI/RAK2245 with loraserver, just somehow tweak it (i.e. set IP address of independent server instead of mentioned in documentation)
  2. should I use different PI/RAK2245 image and install GW/bridge or any other required SW.
  3. anything else :slight_smile:

Hi, @Oskariot

You are right, if you want to connect your RAK2245 RPi Gateway with a loraserver (No matter built-in or independent. No matter yours, mine or whoever else:wink:), you just need to configure your RAK2245 RPi Gateway according to the section 6.2.2 of my document.



The difference of them is only one point: IP address!
For example, indicates the built-in loraserver, and indicates my cloud EU868 loraserver, and maybe xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx indicates your or other’s loraserver.
Just fill with the IP address of the loraserver you want to connect with, and that’s all about how to configure RAK2245 RPi Gateway. :slight_smile:

Ok, it is clear now. :+1:

Hi @Fomi,
I’d like to use your LoRaServer, here is my application:
[email protected] + EU868 + 3 months

Thank you.

Hi, @Oskariot

I have just sent an email to you, please check it. :slight_smile:

Hi @Fomi,

thank you, I’ve got it :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

… and everything works, GW is uploading data to the cloud :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Hi All;

Do you have AS923 frequency for LoRaServer?

Thank you,
Best regards.

Hi @emporejrz

We’re setting up a new loraserver which works in AS923 ASAP.
Please wait.

BTW, you can supply your information firstly as same as other friends above, in format as follow:
“your name” + “your email” + “the frequency you want to use” + “how long you want to hold this account” + “your RAK LoRa product picture”.

Hi @Fomi;

I would like to use the cloud for LoRaServer 
information empirejrz + [email protected] + AS923 + 3 months

Thank you,
Best regards.

Hi, @emporejrz

I’ve just sent you an email, please check it.
From now on, there is a RAK cloud LoRaServer which works in AS923 frequency, and its IP address is

@Fomi can you tell us which version are you using of loraserver.io ?

Hi @Fomi;

I  can't open How should I do? 

Thank you,
Best regards.