RAK2245 replacing RAK831

just want to know if I already have a gateway running with RAK831 on raspi , is it possible to remove the RAK831 and replace it with RAK2245 without changing anything in the raspi image.
cause according to http://docs.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/RAK2245-Pi-HAT/Hardware-Specification/RAK2245_RAK831_Design_Guide_Comparison.pdf there is some pin config. difference.
but still we can find we find one image " RAK2245-RAK831-LoRaGateway-RPi-Raspbian-OS" image for both on github.
Just asking this because I recently got the RAK2245 and replaced the RAK831 but didn’t work.
So am I missing something?

Hi, @indusconn

You can try to use the compiled image for testing.
You can refer to my tutorial about the newest software for both of RAK2245 and RAK831:

Hi @Fomi ,
so if I understand RAK2245 is not back compatible with RAK831 on older version of OS
and it will not work with with my old gateway setup
Just asking that cause I plugged the RAK2245 in place of the RAK831 and didn’t work
I will check with new version soon