RAK3127 API documentation

Hi… Is there any documentation that explains the APIs available to us as developers?

I see some API’s in the Arduino examples, but I need to do something else which is not in the examples but I believe there will be an API for.

Welcome to RAK forum @OreX ,

Can you please be more specific if what you need? It seems you already checked our RUI3 documentation but still need other API?

Thanks @carlrowan. Examples of the API I’m referring to is “api.system.sleep.all(10000)”, “api.lorawan.registerPRecvCallback(recv_cb)”.

Generally, I believe they come in the form api.(some specific process). I have checked several documentation relating to RAK3172 but I can’t find any document that explains these APIs.

you refer well at RUI3 API commands :wink: did you look here RAKwireless Unified Interface V3 (RUI3) | RAKwireless Documentation Center as it’s all detailed there :wink:

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Hi @OreX ,

You can also look on the rui_v3_api headers files. You can see here comments about the functions as well as their returns and parameters.

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