RAK3172 Antenna suggestion

I have some modules RAK3172 with the IPEX connector.
Do you have any suggestion for an external or PCB antenna ?

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For quick evaluation and low-cost, you can use this antenna. Take note that antenna like this is highly affected by its surrounding materials.

For better performance, you need balanced type antenna like the following:

You need to get to get the IPEX to RP-SMA connector as well to use these antennas.

Lastly, dont forget to select the right frequency of operation.

Are there antenna restrictions when utilizing the certifications in US and Japan? For instance in the FCC cert I see that it was tested with a Dipole antenna with max gain of 2.3dBi. Are other antenna types acceptable as well? I am confused about what antennas are acceptable for the Japan cert. In that certification I see F1D 920.6 ~ 928.0MHz 0.0100W. Can you describe what this means regarding use of the module and the antenna specification?

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F1D is a type of RF emission Types of radio emissions - Wikipedia.

If you are developing your own LoRa device or LoRaWAN end-node in a custom PCB with RAK3172, it must have be certified on its own since it is an entirely new product. You can’t just have any antenna but our test with 2.3dBi gain should be a good baseline. You have to consider that there are different antennas and they can vary in propagation pattern, efficiency, etc. even if they have the same gain.