RAK3172 Arduino Upload Error

after some time of error-free working with Arduino IDE 2.0.3 and my RAK3172 board I am now getting an error message “Detect baudrate fail, can not get the baudrate”. The selected COM port is available when I open it in a terminal program but the module also does not respond to any AT command. This suddenly occurred after uploading some Arduino code. I suppose the module “hangs” in a loop or something like that.
I already uploaded the module firmare using STM32CubeProgrammer via JTAG but this didn’t help. The arduino code is probably stored in another address range.
Is there a way to reset the module completely to its factory settings including the Arduino code?

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Hi @JBurg ,

Have you tried to recover it to the default RUI3 FW via STM32CubeProgrammer STM32CubeProgrammer Guide for RAK Modules | RAKwireless Documentation Center using this FW https://downloads.rakwireless.com/RUI/RUI3/Image/RAK3172-E_latest_final.hex?

Thank you, I had missed to “erase full chip memory” in STM32CubeProgrammer. Now the module is responding again.


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