P2P commands that worked in previous RUI software do not work in RUI 3.4.2. I enter the P2P settings on one of the end devices and put them in listening mode with AT+PRECV=65535, but I cannot see the data I sent from the other device on the serial port. Can you help please?

Hi @hans11 ,

Can you share the sequence of AT commands you used on the TX side and on the RX side?

Btw, in your post, you said AT+PRECV=65535 but in the image, it is AT+PRECV=655354.

These are the commands I use on the RX side

Hi @hans11 ,

Just to confirm, you are using a RAK3172-SiP module right? Not the standard RAK3172 Stamp Module?

I tried both for RAK3272S breakout board and RAK3172 module but the result is the same.

Did you update the firmware? I see you are using a RAK3172-SiP firmware.

RAK3172 and RAK3172-SiP are different and doesn’t share common firmware.


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