RAK3172 AT+RECV always 0


I’ve been working with the RAK3172 for a couple of months now, the device is really good.

One small issue I’m having now is about receiving data from a downlink.

ussually my routine is

  1. uC wakes up
  2. prepares the data
  3. send an uplink to CS
  4. back to sleep

before I prepare the data I wake up the RAK3172 and check for any RECV from the previous cycle, even tought I can see in CS that downlinks are been sent, I always get RECV:0

Is the RAK3172 supposed to saved the data during sleep in order to be able to read it in the next cycle?
Thanks in advance

Hi Pedro,

During sleep the device won’t be able to listen to any downlink from the network server. The device should send an uplink first to the LoRaWAN Network Server then receive downlink via the RX windows. If the device needs to listen to downlink immediately, it must be in class C.

Hi Carl

I understand, I’m not sending the command to sleep,the device goes to sleep automatically after teh RX2. I can verify that with the power profiler

I should be able to read the downlink in the following sample, correct? Or would the AT+RECV be erased during sleep?

This was my mistake, class C was also active on my device profile so that is why I was getting no downlink as they were sent right away and not after the uplinks. Thanks @carlrowan for all your help