RAK3172 AT_RX_ERROR in ATD mode

Hi all,

My RAK3172 returns AT_RX_ERROR after trying to send data to it while in ATD mode. What could the problem be? In ATD mode everything send to the rak should be interpreted as data, so how can it throw such an error.

Kinds regards,

Hi @Daan ,

I haven’t experienced AT_RX_ERROR yet while in ATD mode.

Few things to check:

  1. Have you joined successfully to LoRaWAN Network server?
  2. Can you send LoRaWAN packets if not in ATD mode yet?
  3. During ATD mode with AT_RX_ERROR, is there anything shown in the LoRaWAN Network server? Something that can gives us clue if the error is already in the communication between device and server?
  4. Do you have any success using ATD before or you already got AT_RX_ERROR since the beginning you use the device (in ATD mode)?
  5. Regarding your LoRaWAN uplink payload in ATD mode, how long is it? How frequent do you send?