RAK3172 AT+SEND Returns "DATA SEND FAILED" but data send is complete successfully why?

RAK3172 AT+SEND Returns “DATA SEND FAILED” but data send is complete successfully why? I saw it on Network server but AT+SEND command returns DATA SEND FAILED.

RAK3172 running on P2P mode or LoraWAN mode?

HI @tortudereli ,

I am not familiar with that reply. Can you share me the FW version of you RAK372 also the regional band and network server you are using?

I’ve seen this in P2P mode, although I can’t really remember how and when. SDR showed “something” being sent, but receiver wasn’t happy. I think I had one of the LoRa settings wrong (BW is always an easy culprit).

This should be the first thing to look into, the LoRa settings. Not the code that was used to do the setup, but reading back from the chip and displaying what it uses.

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I Have used in LORAWAN Mode. Also EU868, Version V1.0.4, I tried it on TTN and chripstack.

Besides this problem, I can’t make any downlink.