RAK3172 Baud rate much too slow

Why RAK Wireless would introduce a cutting edge Lora Module fixed at 9600 baud is incredibly stupid. In our applications we use exclusively P2P and having to deal with a extremely slow baud is a HUGE bottle neck for us. 9600 baud is 12X slower than the standard of 115200 baud. RAK811 is 115200 and modules from other manufacturers are also 115200 baud. To boot, it is fixed, you can’t even change it. It should power-up at 115200 baud. For example transferring 64 bytes payload (128 characters) plus command is about 160 characters. would take close to 200ms. vs. 14ms with 115200. For battery applications this is a killer. The slow baud rate also limits how many packets the module can handle especially with bigger payloads. Indeed using the fastest possible bit rate 62,500 bps this is 6.5X slower the UART baud rate. 9600 baud is totally ridiculous.

Hi @frank_r ,We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the baud rate.Setting the baud rate 9600 because we used the LPUART, which used the LSE, the upper limit of the baud rate 9600, and LPUART could wake up the MCU from the sleep mode.
Thank you very much for your suggestion, we ignore the rate problem, I will add 115200 in the next version of the firmware, and can switch the baud rate through the AT instruction, between 9600 and 115200.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the reply.
Its important that the part boot up at 115200.
The RAK811 boots up at 115200, you can change it to 9600.
RAK811 wakes-up from sleep at 115200.