RAK3172 cant connect from StLink v3

Hello, I try to connect to the module RAK3172 by ST link V3 from the board Nucleo-wl55jc1. But target MCU doesn’t answer anything. In addition - my schematic. I use SWD. Power from Nucleo - 3.3V. Can you help me, how can I connect to this module, and what is wrong with my connection?


Welcome @Yevhen .

I have no experience on using ST LINK V3 attached to the Nucleo board.

I always have good connection with ST LINK V2.

Some pointers I can share on my experience with ST LINK V2:

  1. Check in STM32CubeProgrammer if the STLINK firmware is updated.
  2. The target should have external supply and must be detected by the STM32CubeProgrammer via the ST-LINK connection.
  3. Connect the reset pin.
  4. Try different reset mode - Software Reset, Hardware Reset and Core Reset

Dear @carlrowan
thanks for your reply. Yes, ST-Link v2 works well, but not St-link v3. I don’t know why. All connection is correctly

Could it be that the stlinkv3 embedded on the nucleo board might be specified exclusively to it?

I think no, because the documentation for Nucleo has information about SWD connection for external MCU, and also Nucleo has jumpers for SWD