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RAK3172 is being tested, and it has been confirmed that the gateway is set to KR920 and operates 13 channels, and the network server is also operating by setting the same channels.

but, when entering “AT+ARSSI=?”, it was confirmed that only 3 channels were detected by RAK3172.

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What settings do I need to make on RAK3172 to use all 13 channels of KR920?

※ The distance between RAK3172 and RAK7289V2 is 1M.

Hello Song,

The RAK3172 firmware and LoRaMAC stack is supporting only 8 channels.
In KR920, the three default channels are enabled by default.

The LoRaWAN server then transmits during the JOIN process with the CFList the frequencies of the 5 other channels.

This is defined in the LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters document from the LoRa Alliance.

So even if your gateway supports 13 channels, only 8 of them can be used.

RP002-1.0.3 LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters issued by the LoRa Alliance

If I enter the JOIN process and enter “AT+ARSSI=?”, will the channels registered in CFLIST be searched?

Or are only default channels searched?

All enabled channels will be shown.
This screenshot is from a device on AS923, where only two default channels are set and the other channels are enabled by CF list. Similar to KR920.

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I solved it from this link.

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