RAK3172 CRC error not reported

RAK3172 does not report CRC errors. In RX mode it would be valuable if RAK3172 reported CRC errors. I can only presume that CRC is turned on, although document doesn’t specifically mention this. This is useful for diagnostics and monitoring collisions. Or anytime a bad packet is received. STM32WLE5 does have CRC.

Hi @frank_r ,RAK3172 has opened CRC . But there is no report CRC. Are you using P2P mode?
Or Lorawan mode?

Hi Daniel,
Yes we use P2P exclusively. Thus CRC errors will be useful to us. When you say "open CRC’ you mean CRC is always on.

Yes, the CRC has been is always on. When the CRC is wrong, it will printf + EVT: P2P Receive Error