RAK3172 DEVEUI and data rate

I don’t see a comprehensive single manual/datasheet anywhere, so some questions.

  1. Can the DEVEUI be read programmatically? Examples seem to show this as a manual process, which seems odd for medium scale deployments.

  2. Does the module support only US915 data rates 0 - 4?

  3. Does the module have a documented API mode (vs AT command) or is the going to be a custom firmware created by the user?

Welcome to the forum @friesen

(1) You can read/write the DevEUI via AT command AT+DEVEUI=… or via API command api.lorawan.deui.get() api.lorawan.deui.set()

(2) DR 0 to DR 4 are the defined datarates for US915. DR 5 to DR 7 are not defined (cannot be used) DR 8 to DR 13 are reserved for 500kHz bandwidth channels and DR 14 and DR 15 are not defined (cannot be used)

(2) Yes we have the RUI3 API for custom firmware. But if you are using the module with a host MCU, the only option is AT commands.

About the DR, the AT command reference doesn’t allow DR 8 to 13? What am I missing here? I am new to LoraWan, I’m studying it as a replacement for a device.

Ok, so I could create a custom binary protocol communication. The problem with AT command system is that interruptions are problematic to parse, its much more robust IMO to have a structured packet, something like DIGI brand API communication modes.

RUI3 allows you to set DR0 to DR4 only.

We have no plans to include another communication protocol.