RAK3172 does not respond to AT+ commands after 48 days

Can you confirm if this bug is in RUI 3.4.2. We need to be sure before we go to the expense of recalling many units from the field to be fixed.

It is fixed in versions 3.5.3 or newer.

From above you listed these firmware versions:

If you mean RAK3172, the affected firmware versions are
RUI3 V3.5.3
RUI3 V3.5.4
RUI3 V4.0.0
RUI3 V4.0.1

I understand it is fixed in newer versions, but can you confirm if the bug is present in 3.4.2? It is not on this list.

It is fixed in V3.5.3 and newer versions.
Recommendation is to use the latest released firmware, as there are other improvements implemented.

See our Release Notes