RAK3172 double data sending problem


I am sending data using AT commands with RAK3172. Gateway sometimes receives data 2 times with different timestamps, how can I solve this problem?


Hi @programer ,

I experience something like this before but I am not sure if it is with RAK3172.

Few questions in my mind:

How is the RAK3172 from the gateway? Are they close?
Does the frame up counter goes up?
What is the FW version of the RAK3172?
What network server are you using and on what band?

Firstly, thank you.

Yes, the end device and the gateway are too close to each other.
The frame counter goes up.
FW version: V1.0.4
We use Chirpstack, we use it in the 868 MHz band.

Truth be told, I have no much idea about this occurrence. There was a previous discussion before though that it can be related to RF.

Maybe few things to try?

  • make it distance between end-device and gateway bigger.
  • try to change the DR to 3/4 something faster than DR0.

It looks like the ADR parameter NbTrans=2 is working.