RAK3172 + DS18B20 + DHT22

RAK3172 on RUI3 API is awesome. Congratulations RAKwireless.

I would like to know about DS18B20 and DHT22 sensor measurement support. Thanks.

Welcome to RAK forum @tiago.dsnts ,

At the moment, our support for the OneWire library is limited to RAK4630 module. RAK3172 will be support Q3 this year.

As for the DHT22, we do not have a qualified library yet. I am looking on a open-source library and can potential work but still requires tweaking on the timing. I’ll let you know if I get any good news.

I had have same problem.
Have any update Mr @carlrowan ?
Yet you solve this bro @tiago.dsnts ?
Thank all!

Hi @Nam ,

I have to double check with the team about the status but I will not give much hope at the moment since the initial feedback from them is that it will be supported around Q3.