RAK3172 + DS18B20?

Good afternoon!

Please tell me how to connect the DS18B20 sensors to the RAK3172?

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Hardware wise, you can connect the digital output pin of DS18B20 to any GPIO pin of RAK3172 with external pullup resistor at most 4.7k.

The list of digital IO pins can be found here - RAK3172 Module Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

However, I am not sure what DS18B20 library works with RUI3.

Thanks for the answer!
That’s the problem, I can’t find a working library.
Maybe someone has already solved this problem

Hi @davinci102 ,

I already created a ticket on RUI3 development team to have a look on official RUI3 support for the Arduino OneWire library.

Thanks! :+1:
I will wait for the decision, I think it will be useful to many

Hi, any news with the arduino onewire library