RAK3172-E vs RAK3172-T

Thoughts Please

We have a range of outdoor sensors using the RAK3172-E in AT Command mode with Slave Processor - Firmware RUI_4.05. in the UK at 868KHz

We have been using this skew indoors for some time time without problems

We are seeing approx 20% (random) drop off from the LoRa network and stop sending uplinks . A reset and the sensors join again without problem. We are still diagnosing etc

At the moment is is very hot in the UK and these sensors are in direct sunlight > 30 - 40 degrees C +

Is it possible that not using the TXCO version of the RAK3172 that the internal crystal is not accurate enough in these very hot conditions and this is effecting possibly the baudrate and LoRa Frequencies ?

All comments are welcome


Hi @dingoxx ,

I can say that the RUI3 version 4.0.5 is the most stable version we currently have (improvements on handling reset, flash, etc.) so your situation is something we have to look at. Hoping we can get more details as you do more observation.

With regards to the operating temperature of your RAK3172, the drift on frequency at 85degC is still within specs.

I am not sure on the enclosure of your device but I have RAK3172 under the sun inside enclosure as well and works fine (same temperature to yours).