RAK3172 Evaluation Board - Code

Hello, I’m using a RAK 3172 evaluation board to connect to my application on Chirpstack.

I have a module connected to Slot A of the board, I would like to know what code I need to send to the board to be able to read this sensor that is in this slot.

I’m using Arduino IDE to program.

I’m new to LoRa.


Welcome to the forum @lora1 .

What module do you have in Slot A?
We have some examples I can give you if I know what module you are using.

Thanks for the answer.
The sensor is a RAK12010 - Ambient Light Sensor

I started to write some example code for RUI3.

Here is a simple one for the RAK12010: RUI3-RAK12010

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Thank you very much
I will test as soon as possible