RAK3172 Evaluation board Connect with TTN


I used RAK3172 Evaluation board.This board version is AT+VER=RUI_3.4.11_RAK3172-E.
I want to connect RAK3172 with TTN, So in TTN i am not able to understand which version i select?,because in application->Lorawan Version i am not able to see ver 3.4.11

Hi @Chirag ,

I believe you are pertaining to LoRaWAN version? It should be 1.0.3.

ok thank you for your reply.

I am not able to connect my rak3172 module with rak7249 gateway.

i used below at commands

  2. AT+CFM=1
  3. AT+RETY=3
  4. AT+MASK=0002
  5. AT+DR=0
  6. AT+ADR=0

after i send AT+JOIN=1 Command but in reply i got +EVT:JOIN_FAILED_RX_TIMEOUT

I set this same parameter in TTN network but i am not join,can you please help me to resolved this problem.

OK now i am able to join with server,

Thank you for the support.

Hello Chirag, can you please post your solution?
I am having same problem, I am using IN865 band.