RAK3172 Evaluation Board Unable to Join Network


I am trying to get my RAK3172 Evaluation board to join the LoRaWAN network. I get the following results:


I am using the Arduino example LoRaWAN_OTAA program, RAK_REGION_US915 , the deveui from the RAK3172 module label, I set the joineui on the things network to the appeui from the example code, and used the appkey from the code as the appkey on the things network. I am using RAKWireless RUI STM Board v4.1.0. My gateway is RAK7289v2 and is connected to the things network as a basic station.

Also, I am using frequency plan 902-928 MHz FSB2 on the things network, and LoRaWAN specification 1.0.3.

It looks like I was able to get the field tester, RAK10701-L, to join the network. But not the evaluation board.

Any ideas please??

Tim Davis

Did you set the subband on the RAK3172?


For FSB2 it would be
with AT commands


using the API

uint16_t maskBuff = 0x0002;
Serial.printf("Set channel mask %s\r\n", api.lorawan.mask.set(&maskBuff) ? "Success" : "Fail");

No I got the same results. Here is the sketch that I am using. I also emailed some of the log files and config.

LoRaWan_OTAA.ino (6.6 KB)

Thank you! All is working now. It turns out that I need to have the antenna connected to the LoRa module even though my module and Gateway are on the same bench. My experience in the past with other modules was that this was not necessary. I know that LoRaWAN manages signal strength but is there a way to adjust the signal strength through API or AT command? Otherwise, everything is working as expected.

Thank you very much for your help!

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