RAK3172 Firmware Download Files changed/reverted?


A few weeks ago I have downloaded the latest firmware and changelog from this URL:

Now I just went back to check if there was any other update and I can see files changed and apparently the latest version has been rolled back. Could you please clarify what’s going on?

Here are the first lines of the CHANGELOG.md I downloaded on 13/Jan/2013 showing latest version as 3.5.3:

## [3.5.3] - 2022-11-24

### Added

### Changed

- Change power saving mode to used STOP1 for RAK3172 and RAK3172-sip to fix UART1     could not trigger system wake up
- Change UART1 used HSI Clock for RAK3172 and RAK3172-sip to fix UART1 could not     trigger system wake up

### Fixed

- Fixed UART1 could not trigger system wake up

Here is the current CHANGELOG.md available on https://downloads.rakwireless.com/RUI/RUI3/Image/CHANGELOG.md as per 01/Feb/2023, showing the latest version as 3.4.11:

## [3.4.11] - 2022-10-08

### Added

- Support RAK3272LP-SiP
- For RAK3172, add boot log for HF board and LF board

### Changed

- Disable the mechanism that detects gpio for going into boot mode
- For RAK3172, it gives different default values to the HF board and LF board
- For RAK3172, the AT command handler can distinguish the HF board and LF board

### Fixed

- RUI-456: [RUI_API] When IO_1 is triggered, just WakeUP and then continue Sleep again
- RUI-471: `api.system.sleep.lora(10000)` puts everything to sleep. `Loop()` is not continuing after a call.
- RUI-503: [RUI API] `api.ble.uart.start()` will the system crash
- RUI-533: [RUI API] [SensorHub] After uploading the data for a while, connect the USB debug port to the PC, and a crash happened
- RUI-546: [classB] Pingslot Open window does not print PS:Done
- RUI-547: [classB] The device in ClassB mode cannot receive downlink data
- RUI-549: [classB] AT_ERROR is reported when data is sent in ClassB mode
- RUI-550: [classB] Sending data during beacon search returns `AT_BUSY_ERROR`, device stuck
- RUI-581: [classB] `AT+CLASS=?` B:S3 status display error
- RUI-596: RAK3172 randomly goes into boot mode when production or testing
- Fix the LoRa P2P example's bug
- Fix typo for BLE custom service example
- For RAK3172, fix getting to Boot Mode always
- RUI-390: SPI transmission takes a lot of time
- RUI-392: UART transmission takes a lot of time

Could you please clarify what happen there?
I’m having unstable behaviour on the RAK3172 running as class C, where the module simply stops responding to AT commands. Even after the module is restarted via RST pin it won’t respond so I guess my only option now is to try to update the FW before mass production starts.

The challenge now is that I’m very unsure which FW version I should use before I initiate another Pilot Deployment for validation. Also, maybe RAK could name the Firmware files with the “version” number as part of it, using only _latest is very confusing :slight_smile:


Hello Mike,

We experienced some problems with the RUI3 3.5.3 version and pulled it back. The latest stable version is 3.4.11.
A new version with the improvements of 3.5.3 and the problems fixed is in testing right now.

The name of the files latest is intentionally, because we link to these files from our Documentation Center and if we add the version numbers to the file names we have to update every time multiple documentation pages. This can lead easily to errors.