RAK3172 Frequency / region problem

I bought RAK3172 module, and I’m trying to set it using AT command.
When I send this command :
I got an error , if I change the number 4 to 0 or 1 … I got OK …
When I bought the module I select that the region is WU868

Hi @Dodotik ,

It seems you got a wrong module. Can you please send a message in our customer support page so we can work out on possible replacement. Please tagged me (Carl Rowan) in your message and mention that I support you here in forum.

Thank you very much… I sent an email and I’m waiting the reply …
by the way I want to ask you what is the different between RAK3172 and RAK4270… I have a commercial project and I just use Lora for sending data only. I have another microcontroller on the boards for other process… so which one is recommended to be used !!! and as I see the price of both of them is different.

I strongly recommend for you to use RAK3172. Some of the points why:

  • We have better supply of RAK3172 than RAK4270. So we recommend RAK3172 for new designs.
  • RAK3172 supports LoRaWAN v1.0.3 (in case you’ll use it with LoRaWAN).
  • RAK3172 has lower sleep current and doesn’t need a sleep command.
  • RAK3172 has better AT command set.
  • RAK3172 will be supported by RUI (RAKwireless Universal Interface) firmware development soon. You can create an application directly without the need of external host MCU.