RAK3172 hang? or sleep? or OFF?

Hi genius,

I just bought RAK3172 and connect with my arduino maker nano. (Total = 3)
Im using P2P mode to communicate between 3 node. (1 master and 2 slave.)
I use 3.3v supply for RAK, RESET High, Uart to Uart arduino, external antenna.

The issue is when I let it send each other for a few minutes, the RAK module stop respond. My arduino LED indicate unresponsive RAK module. Then, I spy on the arduino TX, the data goes out. Then, I spy on arduino RX, no data coming from RAK.
Then I erase arduino program and connect uart cable to directly communicate with module. Module doesnt reply.

Hmmmm. After I restart the module, It reply. Why does this happen. Please help me.

RAK3172 version 21 MAY 2021.

THanks in advanced.

Welcome to RAK forum @design4 :slight_smile:

On the RX side of the P2P mode, after receiving the TX packet, you need to open up again the RX channel by sending AT+PRECV=65535.


The idea behind this is that the RX side will automatically go back to sleep mode saving power. If it is always in RX mode, it will consume more power that will drain the battery powering the IoT device/product.

Thanks for a quick response. Thats not the issue. What I mean about “does not reply” is that even though I send AT, the module doesnt reply. Means that the module is DEAD.

My testing method is.
1- Master A send msg AB to B
2- Slave B use AT+PRECV=5000 and received AB
3- Slave B check if the msg coming from A or not. Then, send BA to A
4- Master A will check the msg and proceed send msg AC to C
5- Slave C perform same as B.
6- Repeat

Thus, Im using send and received on Master and Slave. After a few minutes, its stop and arduino LED indicate that RAK3172 module does not reply any AT command. I dont know why RAK3172 module DEAD, whether RAK3172 SLEEP, OFF or HANG. Thats the issue.

Thanks in advance, hoping for a quick response

Hi @design4 ,

The Master A goes to receive mode as well right? That is set on Step 4 via AT+PRECV=5000 as well?

I will replicate your setup and see what I can find.

Ofcourse sir in order to become receive mode. It went well until after a few minutes, its indicate RAK3172 stop responding to AT command.

Master A : Send B, Get B, Send C, Get C, Send B, Get B, Send C, Get C,. . . . . . . . .
Slave B : Get A, Send A, Get A, Send A, . . . . . …
Slave C : Get A, Send A, Get A, Send A, . . . . . …

Btw @design4 , will it be ok if you send me the arduino code? I will upload it here. So that my test will be the same with your setup.

Yes, I can give u my code. What arduino did u use? Im using 3 maker nano for 3 RAK module

Where can I send the zip file code?

You can direct message me here in forum or email it to me at [email protected].

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I sent directly to you email.

I have also same problem using Arduino pro mini (software serial) and RAK3172. Radio mode is lorawan. I can send few messages and after that RAK3172 stop responding. I need to reset radio and after that it works again. Any idea why RAK3172 stop responding?

UPDATE: I update firmware and now it works better. Old FW version was v1.0.2, new is v1.0.3