RAK3172 High consumption issue when updated to RUI FW

We use RAK3172 module in our product, but we have in our stock modules with firmware 1.0.2, and we decided to update for RUI 3.4.11 (version 4.0.0 was unavailable when we updated). But when we do that, our product consumption goes 120 uA to 7mA, we did many tests and found that it was after updating the module. To explain, we created an update process that saves the keys, updates using a Stlink v3, and returns the keys automatically. But if we update by serial, or Stlink, or do a manual update, the same problem happens. We would like to know if we are doing something wrong. I can send more data, videos, and photos if you wish.

Regards, Guilherme.

Hi @guiff ,

My idea about the situation is that your upgrade modules haven’t enabled low power mode. Maybe you can try to input AT+LPM=1, in your newly updated modules. Also, please perform full chip erase before updating to RUI3 4.0.1.

On legacy firmware 1.0.2, AT+LPM command do not exist and the modules automatically goes to sleep after each command.

Hi Carlrowan,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, this command resolves de high consumption.
I will keep track of command updates in git.


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