RAK3172 in SubGhz mode

I would like to use RAK3172 in SubGhz mode without lorawan stack.

  1. created project using STM32Cube IDE for STM32WLE55.
  2. configured UART1 in Asynchronous 115200, 8N1
  3. Flashed the chip using USB-UART connector and STM32CubeProgrammer (by the way ST-Link doesn’t work even when boot0 connected to ground and Reset connected properly)
  4. The main problem no data on the UART1 Tx pin.
    What could go wrong in such an easy configuration?

Welcome to RAK forum @kvenecusghost ,

We do not have any official codes for RAK3172 running a SubGhz example with STM32CubeIDE. There are lots of community initiatives here but all revolves around LoRaWAN. You can have a look on the RF related source files here that we use low level development guide. Hopefully it can be helpful to you when you try the STM32 Examples Sub-Ghz example codes.


Did you get any improvement? I’m trying to do the same with a custom board but I can’t compile a single project with the PHY mode for radio.

Best Regards.