RAK3172 it's not workng I buy new

I am buying Lora 3172 directly from the RAK website china 4 PCS it’s working fine in one short.

when I am buying Lora 3172 from my country Lora authorized distributer I do all connections but I didn’t get any response from the UART, Can anyone help me with this?

Have you compared fw version into it ? they might need an update (you can do it easily using Wistoolbox :wink:

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  1. I am not sure on the FW version on the distributor. If it is based on legacy 1.0.x, maybe you can try to use 9600 baud rate.
  2. However, if it is based now on RUI3 but FW version is an old one, we have issue before that device will go to bootloader mode. Maybe you can try send at+run or AT+RUN.
  3. Either on #1 or #2 iteam above works, I will suggest you reupload the hex firmware using STM32CubeProgrammer. Please don’t forget to perform chip erase first. The lastet firmware and guide can be found here - RAK3172 WisDuo LPWAN Module Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Thanks for the reply, I saw this late please let me know if any support team is available in India I need continuous support because I need to use in bulk quantity so I need quick support like Quectel or MediaTek team.

We do not have physical office in India or any support team there. However, I can guarantee you that we can support you on our customer support channel or even here in forum :+1: