RAK3172 - Latest Firmware


I need to understand the numbering system for your lastest firmware

We are using the RAK3172 EU868 Module with an external uP and AT Command Interface

The download software RUI_4.0.5_244_release_firmware\Firmware has the following folders :-


Inside the folders is


Can you please explain the differences between the two hex files and specify which one we should use

Thank You

Paul Humphreys

Hello Paul

RUI_x.x.x is the RUI3 firmware version

RAKxxxx is the WisDuo module this file is supporting

_final.hex is redundant.

For the second part, RUI3 supports multiple WisDuo modules.

  • RAK3172 stamp module based on STM32WLE5 using an oscillator
  • RAK3172-T stamp module based on STM32WLE5 using an TCXO
  • RAK3272-SiP system-in-a-package chip with an STM32WLE5 inside
  • RAK3272LP-SiP system-in-a-package chip with an STM32WLE5 inside with limited TX power
  • RAK4631 stamp module based on nRF52840 & SX1262
  • RAK5010 cellular module based on RAK52840 & BG96
  • RAK11720 stamp module based on Ambiq Apollo3 & SX1262

I hope this helps.

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Hi Beegee

Nearly understood !! (I just want to be 100%)

We are using the RAK3172 stamp module based on STM32WLE5 using an oscillator

The folder downloaded has the following files

RUI_4.0.5_RAK3172-E.hex 19/05/2023 14:44 Hex File 540KB
RUI_4.0.5_RAK3172-E_final.hex 19/05/2023 14:44 Hex File 574KB

So - should we be using the RUI_4.0.5_RAK3172-E.hex for production ?

Thank You
Paul Humphreys

I don’t see two HEX files int the Download Center. There is one BIN and one HEX file.

The BIN file is to be used with our older RAK-DFU-Tool.
The HEX files is to be used with JLink/DAPlink or over UART.

Please use the files from the Download Center

Where did you see the two HEX files?

just quick question regadring the latest rui fw 4.0.5

in change log, there is:

  • RUI-954: The RAK3172 problems after random power cycles.

What kind of problems exactly does this solve?

Thank you

Hi Matej,

The intermittent power cycles triggered an NMI in the MCU and it was hanging.

Hi beegee

You gave me an temporary link to the following github on a previous question

I will use the download center from now on

Thank You
Paul Humphreys

Hi @beegee,

I have a simple question on this subject, RAK3172-T is available?
In the past, when we bought a few hundred RAK3172, we got the RAK3172-E variant because there was no TCXO available.

Is it possible to buy the RAK3172-T variant (with TCXO) nowadays? And if yes, there is price difference?

Hi @joao_berlese

Yes, the RAK3172-T as a stamp-module is available now ==> RAK3172 LoRaWAN Module STM32WLE5, Low-cost LoRa Stamp Module, Ultra-Low Power Consumption – RAKwireless Store

Cost 50 cent more per piece (single unit price)

But if you need it as a WisBlock Core module, you have to contact us on [email protected]. We did not plan to offer the RAK3172-T as Core module yet.

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Use my coupon to reduce the price 3% bro. :slight_smile:

The code is: CANOPUS

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Thank you,

Could it also solve problem where intermittent power cycles cause parameters like DEVEUI, APPEUI, APPKEY to be zeroed? (I think i saw a similar problem somewhere on this forum… )
It occured on previous fw v4.0.3, when after full chip erase, BL + FW uploading (st-link) and setting DEVEUI,APPEUI etc, after random intermittent power cycles i noticed that these values was all set to zero and parameters like DCS and LPM was returned to their default values. I was able to reproduce this issue a few times.

But since fw 4.0.5, i didnt notice such an issue and all parameters are saved correctly even after numerous tries.

thank you

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I’ve seen the same problem @Matejisko, at least with versions below v4.0.1. It was very annoying and usually happens when I’m developing the firmware of our product (circumstances where I end up turning ON and OFF a lot the PCB where RAK3172 is).

I’m already using v4.0.5 for development and haven’t seen any key loss yet.

Thank you for your response on the TCXO question.

I have more questions on this subject, and I’m not sure I understood what you said here:

But if you need it as a WisBlock Core module, you have to contact us on [email protected]. We did not plan to offer the RAK3172-T as Core module yet.

We have been in contact with [email protected] to buy our first 250 RAK3172 (was some moths ago). At the time, only RAK3172 without TCXO was available.

We use RAK3172 as a AT module communicating with a main microcontroller, it is possible to buy a RAK3172-T for this kind of application?

What are the advantages of using RAK3172-T instead of RAK3172-E? The use of TCXO instead of an oscillator.

Hello Joao,

The only difference between RAK3172 and RAK3172-T is the TCXO.

RAK3172-E is an evaluation board, not a stamp module. It is available only in oscillator version.

Hi Beegee

I think the confusion my be that the hex file in the download centre for the RAK3172 is named :-:


Just a point

Paul Humphreys

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Yeah, I am actually not sure why the file is called like this.

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Thanks to point it out @dingoxx, I think that I made a confusion with this too.
Thanks for all the answers @beegee :blush: