RAK3172 Lead Times

What are the lead times for the RAK3172? I placed an order on June 10th for 10 US915’s with IPEX and 10 without. I haven’t heard or received anything since and would like to know what the projected lead times are so I can plan accordingly. I know we are experiencing a global chip shortage, but I didn’t see any indication stocks were low.

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We can deliver RAK3172 immediately. I am not sure about with IPEX variant though. Can you send me the order number so I can check with our team?

Btw for order related concerns, you can direct those to our customer service. They are handling these shipping and order concerns. It can be faster to resolve inquiries like this on those channels than here in forum.

You can emeail [email protected] or chat via Got Questions? Find Technical Support from RAKwireless - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy.

Thank you for the quick response. I tried using the help RAKWireless Chat at https://store.rakwireless.com/ but haven’t gotten a response, so I decided to try here instead. My order was order #15888. I’ll also reach out on the Got Questions page and send an email.

Thanks for the help!

Hello @mintenj
I contacted our sales team. They will follow up on the order.

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