RAK3172 LoRa P2P on STM32CubeIDE


I have been struggling for few days with connecting 2 RAK3172 modules.
My goal is to simple reach communication between 2 RAK3172 modules, using LoRa 868MHz Frequency. (LoRA, not LoRaWAN).
I am using this special SubGHZ-Phy library which is in STM32CubeIDE.
I am programming modules by STM32 V3minie using SWD.

Can you please help me with setting up the settings in .ioc file etc.?

My main purpose is to have communication like this: 1st Module, after pushing the button which is in PA1, sends by LoRa ping to 2nd Module which will use buzzer, also connected in PA1, if button is pressed.

If you have other ideas How to achieve LoRa P2P using V3minie with this logic, i will be grateful!

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to RAK forum @Kubaa12 ,

I haven’t tested yet the latest SDK of STM32WL - v1.3.0.

However, I recently received a doc that came from on of our users. Maybe you can use this as reference.

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