RAK3172 LoRaWAN module

Hi, I would like to know when RAK3172 would be available. I’m very interested in STM32WLE5 wireless MCU and I think it’s the best solution to reducecost and size for a Lora Module.

I have a doubt regarding this module: in RAK4270 datasheet webpage there is the schematic and I can see it’s matching network before the antenna connector. I would expect that this new module will have it’s own matching network for the antenna conector, I’m right? Could you confirm me this?

Are you asking if this new module will have all the supporting RF output so you can just connect an antenna?

If so, as all the other RAK modules do and as this module has a U.FL connector, like all the other RAK modules do, I think we can assume it will!

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This is the wrong category, we have a separate category for WisDuo RAK3172. Please post other RAK3172 related questions there.

And your question is answered in our RAK3172 documentation:

We do not have an availability date in the store for the RAK3172. We have the prototypes and we are still working on some issues in the firmware.

I know it has a U.FL connector, my question is if there will be a network matching the 50Ohm of this antenna connector as it was on RAK4270

Yes the RAK3172 module has both an antenna switch and the matching network for 50 Ohm inside.

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What else would be between the RF switch and a u.FL connector??

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