RAK3172 Low Level Dev. Typical App

I know RUI still not ready for RAK3172. We are migrating from RAK4200. We are able to setup and run the STMicro application and create our own binary, however, seems RAK could provide a better simple starting project while we wait for RUI.

A key item missing in SDK examples is a way to set APPEUI & APPKEY via AT commands and SAVE on flash. It is not practical to hardcode these for deployment of hundreds of units.

The sys_sensors.c and lora_app.c are clear but seems RAK could add more practical examples to decode the payload into the IO (I2C or Value), not just a single GPIO pin.


Have you considered using scripting to substitute them into the firmware image to be flashed? Define them at a fixed location in the linker map, and then it’s fairly simple to change them in a copy of the file.

Hi @dewridge ,

Our efforts now for RUI are focused on RUI3 (or RUI V3). It will support RAK4630 and RAK3172 initially and based on newer LoRaWAN stack than RUI V2. RUI3 is also offline and compatible to Arduino API so more easier and faster to develop than RUI V2. We will have a launching event next month for this. On RUI3, you can directly set the EUIs and KEYs directly via API.